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Now Grow Your Best Marijuana Ever!
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    Growing marijuana outdoors gives bigger yields when you trim and shape your plants during the first weeks of summer. Your outdoor cannabis plants should be at least 3-4 feet tall by June 27. Using clean, sharp pruning tools, remove all branches and sucker shoots within 1-2 feet of the ground. Next…find branches deep in the […]

    The post Growing Marijuana Outdoors: Trimming & Pruning appeared first on Big Buds Magazine.

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    Light is food for your marijuana plants. It comes to your plants from the sun or grow lights, delivered in different wavelengths categorized as “nanometers.” Technically, it’s more accurate to say that electromagnetic radiation (including but not limited to the visible light spectrum) is food for your hydroponics cannabis plants. Your plants eat electromagnetic radiation […]

    The post Hydroponics Grow Lights: Electromagnetic Food for Your Cannabis Plants appeared first on Big Buds Magazine.

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    Marijuana pests are one of the main reasons we experience indoor grow room and outdoor marijuana disasters. Many growers experience the heartbreak of seeing spider mite tents, sucking aphids, fungus gnats, whiteflies budworms, and many other meanies plaguing our beautiful cannabis plants. And too many marijuana growers resort to Malathion, AVID or other poisons when […]

    The post Using Beneficial Insects to Stop Marijuana Pests appeared first on Big Buds Magazine.

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    Subcool TGA Marijuana Seeds got into its cannabis time machine to bring back two favorite, retired strains that Weed Nerds have been asking for. “We’re bringing back Qrazy Train and The Flav,” Subcool says. Qrazy Train is a rare, resin-rich, complex purple cross of Train Wreck, Trinity, Purple Urkle, and Space Queen. This Subcool TGA […]

    The post Subcool TGA Marijuana Seeds Brings Back Two Beloved Cannabis Strains appeared first on Big Buds Magazine.

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    Some marijuana growers take the summer off, but many of us keep on running our marijuana grow rooms, even during summer heat. Let’s take a look at success strategies so you better manage the challenges of a summer marijuana grow room: Armor your plants with potassium silicate. Potassium silicate is present in rich soil, but […]

    The post Summer Marijuana Grow Room Success Strategies appeared first on Big Buds Magazine.

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    Marijuana grow room heat is hard on your plants and on your bank balance. Many of us growing right now in July are experiencing warmer than average temperatures that keep our air conditioning cranking. When grow rooms get too hot, buds become thin, plants grow too tall and weak, they suck down lots of water, […]

    The post MORE Summer Marijuana Growing Success Tips appeared first on Big Buds Magazine.

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    Some marijuana growers try to get by with tap water or well water instead of reverse osmosis water. They do this to save money, time and water. Their concerns are valid. It costs money to buy, install and run a reverse osmosis unit. A premium reverse osmosis unit for a large grow op can cost […]

    The post Why Reverse Osmosis Water is Essential for Marijuana Growing appeared first on Big Buds Magazine.

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    Air conditioning is essential, expensive equipment when you have an indoor marijuana grow room. But many cannabis growers have an incomplete understanding of grow-room air conditioning. Their lack of knowledge may create higher grow room costs, degrade crop outcomes, and lead to fire or other dangers. This is the first article in a series about […]

    The post Air Conditioning Your Marijuana Grow Room, Part 1 appeared first on Big Buds Magazine.

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    In our previous article about marijuana grow-room air conditioning, we recommended that you consult licensed professionals instead of attempting amateur installation or a retrofit of your building’s air conditioning system. We also noted the unreliability of generic marijuana grow-room air conditioning formulas that cannabis growers share among each other. Let’s continue our close look at […]

    The post Keeping Your Cool In The Grow Room: Air Conditioning Your Space, Part 2 appeared first on Big Buds Magazine.

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    Just ask marijuana growers in British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Northern California, and other parts of the West: Climate change is real, and it’s impacting marijuana growers everywhere. Big Buds grow team member Alan is a professional indoor cannabis grower near Vancouver, Canada. This summer, the neighboring forests are burning fiercely, with some of the worst […]

    The post Blame It On No Rain: How Climate Change Is Affecting Marijuana Growers appeared first on Big Buds Magazine.